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HUIDA/ The Spring Festival Holiday Notice

The Spring Festival is coming soon.

Our Huida The Spring Festival holiday schedule about from January 10th to January 31th,2023. We sincerely hope that all dear clients can confirm the new order before the holiday and arrange production priority when we resume work.


The Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. On this day, no matter how far apart people all want to go back to home, with parents, family reunion. In the heart of every Chinese, The Spring Festival has the extremely important status. Before the Spring Festival comes ,we will completely clean the indoors and outdoors of our homes as well as our clothes ,bedclothes and utensils.

The Spring Festival is our favorite holiday because on this day we can eat many delicious food and also can get lucky money. More importantly, on this day, we are a large family to gather together chatting and wishing each other. Every year we always prepare a dinner to eat. After dinner, our elder will pack a big red packets to us.

Finished eating dinner, we will watch Spring Festival gala on TV hereinafter referred to as "gala", in the spring night, each singers, dancers or other people will perform many program on stage to celebrate the New Year.

On the first morning of the Spring Festival, everyone wears their new clothes and then go to others homes to celebrate the New Year. Each family sets off fireworks when their guests come and they take out sweets and peanuts to share. On the following days, they go around to their relatives and friends. The Spring Festival has several meanings. It means people working outside can come back to relax themselves. When spring comes farmers begin to plant crops and people make a plan for the New Year.

Blessing of our motherland, our national prosperity, endless.

Post time: Jan-04-2023