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HUIDA / Material & color of heat shrinkable tubes

Today ,we want to talk about the material and color of heat shrinkable tubes. Heat shrinkable tube is a kind of thermoplastic rubber tube material.

Heat shrinkable tubes, according to their materials  can be divided into PE heat shrinkable tubes, PVC heat shrinkable tubes, PET heat shrinkable tubes, and irradiation cross-linked PE heat shrinkable tubes. It seems that there are many materials available for manufacturing heat shrinkable tubes. Then I will select one for you to give detailed science popularization.

First, let's talk about the most widely used material PE. PE is the abbreviation of the English word polyethylene. Chinese name Polyethylene. It is a thermoplastic resin made of ethylene through polymerization. Polyethylene is odorless, non-toxic, feels like wax, has good low-temperature resistance, and is resistant to most acids and alkalis (not resistant to oxidizing acids). It is insoluble in general solvents at room temperature, has little water absorption and excellent electrical insulation. Because of its wear resistance and good insulation, it is widely used in the manufacture of heat shrinkable products. For example, single wall heat shrinkable tubes and high pressure busbar heat shrinkable tubes are made of polyethylene.

As we all know, heat shrinkable tubes can be divided into 1kv heat shrinkable tubes, 10kv heat shrinkable tubes and 35kv heat shrinkable tubes according to the voltage level. The colors of 1kv heat shrinkable tubes are generally red, blue, yellow, green, black, white and two-color. In addition, we have several special colors: transparent, purple, brown, gray and orange. The color of 10kv and 35kv heat shrinkable tubes is less than that of 1kv heat shrinkable tubes. 10kv and 35kv heat shrinkable tubes are available only in red, yellow and green.

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Post time: Dec-17-2022