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  • HUDIA/Spiral end connector

    HUDIA/Spiral end connector

      Spiral end connectors are an essential component in various industries, providing a reliable and efficient way to connect and secure different materials. These connectors are commonly used in applications such as cable management, electrical wiring, and even in medical devices.   One of the key...
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  • HUIDA/Fish Bone Cable Tie

    HUIDA/Fish Bone Cable Tie

      Fish Bone Cable Tie is a revolutionary product that has transformed the way cables are organized and managed. This innovative cable tie features a unique design that resembles a fish bone, with multiple “ribs” that securely hold cables in place. The design allows for easy insertion and tighteni...
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  • HUIDA/Our new sample room

    HUIDA/Our new sample room

     We are thrilled to announce the completion of our newly renovated sample room, designed to provide our clients with an enhanced experience and showcase our latest products in a modern and inviting setting.  The new sample room features a contemporary design with clean lines, bright lighting, and...
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  • HUIDA/Yellow&green heat shrinkable tube

    HUIDA/Yellow&green heat shrinkable tube

    Yellow&green heat shrinkable tube is a specialized type of heat shrink tubing designed for electrical insulation and wire identification. The distinctive yellow & green color combination makes it ideal for applications where color coding and wire identification are essential, such as in e...
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  • HUIDA/Non flame retardant transparent heat shrinkable tube

    HUIDA/Non flame retardant transparent heat shrinkable tube

      Non flame retardant transparent heat shrinkable tube is a type of heat shrinkable tubing that is designed to provide insulation and protection for electrical components and wires. Unlike flame retardant heat shrinkable tubes, non flame retardant tubes do not have the ability to resist combustio...
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  • HUIDA/Back from WIN EURASIA 2024

    HUIDA/Back from WIN EURASIA 2024

     After returning from the WIN EURASIA 2024, we are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to all our esteemed clients to visit our company. The exhibition was a great opportunity for us to showcase our  products , and we are excited to share these developments with you in person.   During the exhibiti...
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      We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to all of our distinguished clients to visit our organization after returning from the CHINA(INDONESIA)TRADE FAIR 2024. Our chance to display our products at the exhibition was excellent and we can’t wait to discuss these advancements with you in ...
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     Türkiye, located between Europe and Asia, is a fascinating country with a rich history and cultural heritage.  WIN EURASIA is the largest and most influential industrial automation exhibition in Türkiye and even in Eurasia. Huida Plastic,one of China’s top producers of wiring accessories  . Our ...
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  • HUIDA/Trapezia Cable Tie

    HUIDA/Trapezia Cable Tie

      In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, the need for effective cable management solutions has become increasingly important. Whether in the office, at home, or in industrial settings, the organization and protection of cables and wires are essential for safety, efficiency, and aesthe...
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  • HUIDA/R Cable Clamp

    HUIDA/R Cable Clamp

      R Cable Clamp is an essential tool for securing and organizing cables in various applications. Whether it’s in a home theater setup, office workspace, or industrial environment, cable management is crucial for safety, efficiency, and aesthetics. The R Cable Clamp provides a simple and effective...
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  • HUIDA/Back from HANNOVER MESS 2024

    HUIDA/Back from HANNOVER MESS 2024

     We are grateful to all of our patrons who supported us and stopped by our booth at HANNOVER MESS 2024. We renewed our relationships with some of our most treasured clients and gained some amazing new friends. In the HANNOVER MESS 2025, we hope to meet you all again. We cordially invite you ...
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  • HUIDA/Back From Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Spring Edition)2024

    HUIDA/Back From Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Spring Edition)2024

     We extend our gratitude to each and every one of our esteemed patrons who stopped by and helped us out at Hong  Kong Electronics Fair(Spring Edition).  We reconnected with some of our beloved clients and made some amazing new ones.   We hope to see you all in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Autu...
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